Using TweetWhen to Time Your Tweets Effectively

by Brett Pollard on April 25, 2011

When it comes to your personal social media activities or those of a client, it pays to work smart.  For years now, Dan Zarrella, a self described social media scientist, has been collecting data and sharing his insights on getting the most out of your efforts.  On Twitter specifically, he has focused a lot of energy on retweets as a measurement of influence for individual tweets.  Clearly there are other measurements to consider but analyzing retweets is a great place to start.

Free tool TweetWhen

Dan Zarrella's free online tool - TweetWhen

It’s important to understand active Twitter times vary by topic, industry, location, audience demographics and more.  Therefore, relying on universal data suggesting the best times to tweet is not sound strategy.  On the other hand, analyzing the data from your own tweets is a much better indicator for making decisions about the timing of those tweets.

In preparation for a recent webinar, Dan launched a free tool called TweetWhen which quickly grabs data from your last 100 tweets and determines the most responsive times/days of the week for your Twitter activity.  It does this by calculating the most retweets per tweet and presenting the results in 2 graphs.  I should note, the tool does not require a connection to your Twitter account so you can view the results of other Twitter including your competitors.

TweetWhen sample report

A sample report for

What are you thoughts?  Is this a tool that can help you or your organization make better timing decisions?  For more information on Dan Zarrella’s timing webinar see the SlideShare presentation below.

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