WordPress App + Android Voice Text = Blogging Goodness

by Brett Pollard on October 29, 2010

Since purchasing my new Motorola Droid X, I’ve spent time and energy adjusting to the differences between Android and iPhone.  While I do still miss some of the iPhone features and ease of use, there are many features and applications with Android that make this operating system interesting and innovative.

One of these features is Google Voice Action which uses voice recognition technology as an alternative to typing.  By combining this feature with the WordPress application for Android, I’m able to type this entire blog post by simply speaking into my phone.

Surprisingly, the voice recognition software is extremely accurate as long as I enunciate well.  In order to write this article, I am simply speaking one sentence at a time and waiting about one second for Android 2.2 to convert it into text.

This is a pretty nice option if I want to make a quick blog update while I’m traveling or away from a computer.  Obviously it wouldn’t be a great solution if I had a lot of content to my post.

Google Voice Action actually does much more than just convert voice to text.  It is very intuitive and can be used for web searches, phone commands, directions, listening to music and more.  The video below is worth checking out because it gives several examples of just how powerful their technology has become.

It remains to be seen how often I’ll actually use this for blogging, but I love the concept.  Is this something you would find useful for your own blog.  If so, let me know about it in the comments section.

NOTE:  Although it is possible to add images and video to your article through the WordPress for Android application, I actually added them after uploading the article to the server.  However, all of the text has been completed through voice only.

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Swing Trading Boot Camp December 1, 2010 at 10:04 pm

Thank you for this post.

I was searching for something similar but for the iphone.

Maybe I should look into the droid.

Thanks again!

ProLoser January 16, 2011 at 6:44 pm

Try saying ‘period’ or ‘question mark’. No sentence-by-sentence pausing necessary.

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