Dermatology Times Addresses Social Media

by Brett Pollard on October 20, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to discuss some issues related to dermatologists and social media with a writer from the Dermatology Times, John Jesitus.  The resulting article of our conversation is available as a full website version, abridged version or the digital publication.

Like many medical specialties, Dermatology practices stand to truly benefit from a strong social media presence.  In addition, Dermatologists have some additional opportunities utilizing various social platforms because of the fact they typically offer some cash-based services.  For example, aesthetic and other procedures not covered by insurance can be discounted unlike most medical services.

Dermatologists and social media

Dermatologists have unique social media benefits

Why is the ability to discount important?  Special offers are very well-received and often shared in the social environment.  This added benefit is strictly marketing based but it’s measurable and effective.  Dermatologists can incentivize patients or prospective patients through social channels by offering special discounts.  Furthermore, they can leverage their existing social connections to announce these types of offers.

Marketing alone is definitely not the only benefit dermatologists receive from embracing social media.  Opening up new lines of communication with patients, sharing valuable medical information and humanizing healthcare among many other benefits outweigh the perceived risks.  Done properly, it can be a much more cost-effective solution than conventional media.

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