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by Brett Pollard on February 24, 2010

For day 2 of our “Best Hospital Facebook Page” series, we are detailing specialty hospitals that have made the most of the Facebook fan page format.  The series is being published and categorized as follows:

Reviewing the specialty hospital category was a pleasant surprise.  There was a nice selection of pages to choose from and a variety of creative fan page solutions.  The review process included over 300 Facebook pages in all categories combined.  Those listed here represent the best examples we could find from specialty hospitals.

M D Anderson Cancer Center

Location: Houston, TX

Featured Information:

  • 3,000+ fans
  • 4 photo albums
  • 115 links
  • 103 notes
  • Integrated YouTube box
  • 11 pages of notes

MD Anderson responds quickly and effectively to a request help

The M D Anderson Cancer Center has successfully created a community-like environment on their Facebook page.  Fans are actively involved in commenting on M D Anderson posts and are encouraged to create their own posts on the M D Anderson wall.  The page is well monitored and appropriate responses are given regularly when fans reach out.

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Location: Baltimore, MD

Featured Information:

  • 1,000+ fans
  • 7 photo albums
  • Twitter feed
  • YouTube feed
  • 2 pages of notes
  • Unique “In the News” tab

The Kennedy Krieger "boxes" tab includes fundraising and more

The Kennedy Krieger Institute has gone beyond the status quo when it comes to their Facebook page.  Interesting features include a fundraising program, “In the News” updates, a unique Twitter application and YouTube integration.  Their page wall includes great dialogue with the fans and a significant number of informative posts from the administrator.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Location: Buffalo, NY

Featured Information:

  • 4,700+ fans
  • 7 photo albums
  • 178 links
  • Integrated Flickr
  • Integrated YouTube box

A simple response is all it takes to humanize the experience

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a great example of responsiveness.  Fans often share their experiences on the site and the Roswell administrator is diligent about responding to nearly all of the comments.  It’s important to realize that fans appreciate feedback on a fan page – even if it’s just a simple “thank you for sharing your story” comment.  It humanizes the process and lets the fans know there is someone on the other end listening.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Featured Information:

  • 500+ fans
  • 10 photo albums
  • 19 videos
  • 149 links
  • 3 upcoming events
  • 4 reviews
  • Career contact information

The Mary Free review section has several heartfelt comments

The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital has done a particularly nice job of providing valuable information to their fans.  For example, the “events” tab is current, there are 19 informative videos on the page and 149 links to relevant health news.  It should also be noted that the “reviews” tab has a handful of excellent reviews.

Lakeside Women’s Hospital

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Featured Information:

  • Nearly 300 fans
  • 4 videos
  • Brochures tab
  • Robotic surgery tab

Lakeside Women's Hospital created a tab to promote their robotic surgery services

Lakeside Women’s Hospital may not be our leader in the fan quantity department, but the attention given to their page is certain to increase their numbers in the future.  The “brochures” tab and “robotic surgery” tab are unique additions to the page helping to promote their specialized services.  Combine those features with strong fan interaction on the page wall and you have a winner.

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Featured Information:

  • 1,800+ fans
  • 23 photo albums
  • 4 videos
  • 4 upcoming events
  • 2 pages of notes
  • Twitter, YouTube and Flickr buttons

Fox Chase keeps up to date with event announcements

Fox Chase Cancer Center has done a nice job utilizing the built-in features for Facebook pages.  By taking full advantage of notes, videos, pictures, links and events, the page has become a good resource for their fans.  In addition, Fox Chase chose to use the page to help promote their Love Versus Cancer campaign by prominently displaying the logo as the page profile picture.

Honorable Mentions:

Ohio State James Cancer Hospital

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The Acadia Hospital

Congratulations to the winners of the AP Best Hospital Facebook Pages in the Specialty Hospital category.  As always, your comments regarding this topic are welcomed. Check back tomorrow when we’ll be publishing the winners of the Children’s Hospital pages – the most competitive category we reviewed.

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