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by Brett Pollard on February 23, 2010

Exhibiting an alert presence on Facebook

In the last several days, we have reviewed over 300 Facebook hospital fan pages.  A special thank you goes out to Ed Bennett for his efforts in tracking a large quantity of hospital pages on his website, Found In Cache.  Without this resource the process of reviewing would have taken considerably more time to complete.  We would also like to thank those who took the time to contribute nominations for this “best of” series.

After compiling a list of the best fan pages, we decided to categorize them in a slightly different manner than originally intended.  The best sites in each category will be published as follows:

Seeking out the best individual hospital Facebook pages proved to be more difficult than expected.  While there were many pages reviewed, few of them were taking full advantage of the available tools provided for a Facebook page.  A wide variety of factors were considered for choosing the winners.  For more information on the criteria used in the selection process, please contact us.

Regions Hosptial

Location: St. Paul, MN

Featured Information:

  • 4,300 + fans
  • 31 photo albums
  • Included fan photos
  • Uses video on the fan page and links to many of their YouTube videos
  • A tab to “Invite your friends to fan Regions”

Regions Hospital drawing encourages participation

Regions Hospital has made excellent use of the standard tools provided to Facebook page administrators.  Proper attention has been given to each of the page tabs which was overlooked on many of the other pages we reviewed.  Regions also added the “Social RSS” application in order to continually serve up their YouTube videos and job openings from the Regions website.

Most importantly, the Regions status updates provide valuable information and encourage participation from the fans.  For example, they pose questions to their fans and have periodic contests in order to win a Regions Hospital Ultimate Fun Pack (see image above).

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Location: St. Louis, MO

Featured Information:

  • 900+ fans
  • 11 photo albums
  • 47 videos
  • 243 links

Barnes-Jewish public relations post

There are many impressive elements to the Barnes Jewish Hospital page.  Of all the sites reviewed, Barnes made the best use of the built-in video and link functions.  The fan total on the page has nearly tripled since October and they update the wall regularly with links to clinical information, employee videos and patient stories.

Another important consideration is the active dialogue on the wall between the Barnes page administrator and the fans.  Many of the hospital pages we reviewed did not make the effort to respond when fans took the time to post on the wall.

OSF St. Francis Medical Center

Location: Peoria, IL

Featured Information:

  • 1,300+ fans
  • 47 photo albums
  • Included fan photos
  • Well organized YouTube tab for displaying videos

The OSF St. Francis video page is a nice display

OSF St. Francis has an impressive amount of fan participation on the wall and has utilized the Facebook notes tab better than anyone else in the category.  In addition, they have been skillful in their use of photos and video.  Rather than hosting their videos on Facebook itself, OSF St. Francis chose to create a YouTube tab which is nicely presented (see image above).

St. Francis is currently constructing a new facility and they are using photos on their Facebook page to regularly update fans on the progress.  It’s a nice touch and the fans are responding to those posts with plenty of their own comments.

California Pacific Medical Center

Location: San Francisco, CA

Featured Information:

  • 450+ fans
  • 17 albums
  • 14 videos
  • Great responses to fan posts and comments

Fan response to CPMC efforts in Haiti

California Pacific Medical Center may not be bursting at the seams with a large quantity fans, but the commitment to their Facebook page is obvious.  The page is well-balanced in the use of photos, videos and links.  They also have a keen understanding of the 2-way conversation necessary to be successful with social media.  The goal should be communicating with the fans instead of talking at them.  For that reason, CPMC deserves praise for their efforts.

City of Hope

Location: Duarte, CA

Featured Information:

  • 4,600+ fans
  • 7 photo albums
  • Included fan photos
  • YouTube tab for videos
  • Twitter tab to serve their Twitter feed

City of Hope event announcement and response to fan correction

City of Hope has done a great job of communicating with their fans on the page wall.  There is a significant amount of dialogue and interaction with the fans, great responses and useful information.  City of Hope has also included tabs for their Twitter feed and YouTube videos.  Furthermore, they deserve recognition for the fan submitted photos which is one of many great ways to generate traffic to the page.

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Featured Information:

  • 700 + fans
  • 4 photo albums
  • 7 videos
  • Well displayed jobs tab
  • Diagnosis: Amazing (documentary series)

A screenshot of St. Joseph's profile picture

St. Joseph’s Hospital added some interesting elements to their fan page to make them stand out from the crowd.  In addition to a well designed jobs tab, St. Joseph’s added a tab (in the pull-down) menu for a documentary series they call Diagnosis: Amazing.  This feature is worth checking out if you are seeking ideas for your own page.

Honorable Mentions:

University of MD Medical Center – There were so many positive elements to the University of MD Medical Center page it was very hard not to select them.  Among many of the nice features, we especially liked how the contact information of the page administrator was prominently displayed in the left sidebar.  However, we couldn’t get past the large amount of empty pages and pages “under construction” when navigating the pull-down tab menu.

UPDATE:  The information provided above is no longer accurate.  Changes have been made to the page which may mean it was under a transition when we reviewed the site.  As it stands currently, the University of MD Medical Center page is one of the best pages we reviewed in any of our 4 categories.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics – This was another fan page exhibiting plenty of great features including the quantity of fans, great video and more.  Unfortunately there’s a noticeable absence of dialogue with the fans posting to the Stanford wall.

Congratulations to the winners of the AP Best Hospital Facebook Pages in the Individual Hospital category.  As always, your comments regarding this topic are welcomed. Check back tomorrow when we’ll be publishing the winners of the Specialty Hospital pages.

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Kristin Hall February 26, 2010 at 3:39 pm


Thanks so much for including Barnes-Jewish Hospital on this list. We’re very honored, and appreciate the kind words. On a related note, we’ll be launching our blog in March – be sure to check it out once it’s live.

Best to you,

Kristin Hall
Social Media Specialist
Barnes-Jewish Hospital

[twitter] @barnesjewish

Brett Pollard February 26, 2010 at 4:42 pm


Congratulations. The recognition was well deserved. Feel free to contact me if you would like further input on the BJC page and please send me a link when the blog is up and running.

Steven Jacobs December 16, 2010 at 2:40 pm






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