5 Reasons to Claim a Google Profile Today

by Brett Pollard on February 9, 2010

The option to claim your own profile on Google and have it displayed within search results for your name has been available for nearly a year now.  With the growing popularity of social media networks, it’s surprising to see a relatively small percentage of web users have actually utilized this free service.  The truth is, most professionals can benefit by having a Google profile so here are a few reasons you may want to consider it.

Profile results for John Powers

5 Reasons to Claim Your Google Profile:

  1. Personal SEO – Google profile links are displayed on the first page of search results (see image above).  Unless you have an extremely common name, there’s a good chance your Google profile will show up on page one when others are searching for you.
  2. Personal branding – A Google profile can act as a “home-base” for your online presence.  Not only can you have photos and video in your profile, but you also are given the opportunity to write a detailed bio.  This bio can include a resume, skill sets, achievements or anything else you wish to display to the world.
  3. Become part of social search – Last week, Google announced the public beta release of social search.  By having a public Google profile, there’s a greater chance of having your own content displayed within search results.  Others in your social circle (social network connections) are more likely to see your content when they search on Google.
  4. Connecting social profiles – Since Google profiles allows you to add links to each of your social media accounts, it provides a way for others to easily find you on various networks.  However, you do have complete control over what is included or excluded.
  5. Showing your personality – With space for an online bio, interests, “superpowers” and more,  Google profiles is an opportunity to show a little online personality.  Even if you intend to use your profile strictly for business, there is still a benefit to displaying an appropriate amount of personality.  Isn’t that a significant part of what the social web is all about?

google card john doeBefore claiming your profile and making it public, it’s important to consider what information you would like to have displayed since there is a very good chance others will find your profile when they search for your name.  Without a doubt this is another step in the direction of transparency so it does require commitment and discretion.

Perhaps the most interesting component to a Google profile is the fact that it exhibits yet another example of Google’s gradual shift to becoming a social service.  It remains to be seen how Google intends to tie together all of the existing social fragments in their network.  Maybe we’ll get some insight on that today since Google is expected to announce new social features built into Gmail.

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