Google’s New Real-Time Search is Too Easy

by Brett Pollard on December 9, 2009

Will Google and Twitter find a way to curtail the inevitable spam?

After seeing a demonstration by Jeremy Jones on Google’s new real-time search, I decided give it a test drive myself.  In the following screencast, I show how easy it is now to get a tweet displayed on the first page of Google.

As you can see, it’s pretty slick how the search results update in real-time.  I can almost hear the Twitter spammers licking their chops.  The fact that it’s so easy to have your message displayed on the first page of Google’s most popular searches is inviting abuse of the system.  Surely Google and Twitter have considered this, right?

It will be interesting to see how this concept evolves.  The idea makes a lot of sense but I suspect there will be a lot of hurdles to overcome.  While Google has only rolled out this feature to their most popular searches, I’d love to see full integration.  If and when that day comes, it will be a massive game changer.

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