Reputations at Risk in Honolulu

by Brett Pollard on November 30, 2009

DUI mugshots to be posted on the Internet

I‘ve spent the last week exploring the island of Kauai and occasionally writing blog posts.  But just when I thought I should wrap up my blogging efforts and start packing for home, I came across this  Associated Press article regarding the Honolulu Police.

Mugshots won't just go away

Mugshots won't just go away

If this doesn’t make you think a little about reputation management it probably should.  According to the article, Honolulu Police will be posting mugshots of suspected DUI violators on their website BEFORE they have their day in court.

Hmmm.  Do you suppose that will show up in a Google image search 5 years from now when one of those suspected violators seeks gainful employment?  The decision to post these images has the potential to be devastating to those involved and has been met with significant resistance.

From a political standpoint, I don’t care to argue whether or not the police should take such action.  Let me be perfectly clear that you shouldn’t drink and drive.  However, what matters most to me in the context of this blog is that the evolving Internet will find a way to record your indiscretions.

This is just one simple example of why reputation management should be an important consideration for nearly everyone.  It doesn’t need to be a DUI.  It could be a traffic accident, a bitter ex, mistaken identity, etc.  The truth is, monitoring and management of you reputation is not rocket science.  It just requires a plan to protect your personal brand.

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